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Taking Passion to Dramatic Roles
Queen Ofir Has Something Special to Say Beyond the Scope of Her Music.

As an accomplished television and film actress, Queen Ofir has appeared in a wide variety of TV and film roles, portraying a federal agent, club dancer, news reporter, kidnap victim, martial arts master and many other captivating roles. She was featured in such films as Insatiable, Checkmate, and Director Bill Duke's Praying for Mercy, and has appeared in Sex in the City, Ed Zwick's Martial Law, Howard Stern's Private Parts, and Director Spike Lee's Summer of Sam.

Ofir's Television roles include feature parts in Hugh Riley's Liquid Lunch, Slice Network's The List, MTV Jam and W Network's Style By Jury. To her extensive resume, Queen Ofir adds in a number of well-received theatre performances, including feature roles in Chris Berube's stage plays Vampire Masquerade and Dark Side of the Moon.

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Visit IMDB for more about Queen Ofir's film, theatre and television appearances. Media Partners: For a full resume of television and film roles, request a Media Press Kit on the "About" page on our website.

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