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Embracing Life with Passion!
Using Art to Elevate Hearts is One of the Most Beautiful Ways to Inspire

Queen Ofir Engel is a multi-talented singer/songwriter, actress and entrepreneur. She has appeared in a number of television specials and feature films, and has performed internationally on stage, where she has brought her unique brand of music to audiences all around the world. Beyond her lengthy career as a musical artist, Ofir has helped thousands of others live up to their potential in their own lives, serving as an accomplished life coach and business consultant. She has performed in numerous live events supporting a wide range of worthy causes and charitable organizations. Her weekly internet podcast, Dare to Live with Passion, has received acclaim from many who appreciate the great positivity and genuine honesty that program delivers.


MEDIA PARTNERS and CLIENTS: Please click the button at left to access Queen Ofir's current Press Kit, containing detailed information about Queen Ofir, Passion Show Records and the Higher Frequency Broadcast Network.

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