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QUEEN OFIR is a high voltage performer and eight-time, award-winning international singer, songwriter and producer offering cutting edge world dance music that inspires the hearts of people of all ages.  Queen Ofir presents a dramatic and emotionally charged musical style that covers the whole spectrum of musical genres, including techno, world pop, classical, R&B and Hip Hop.  It is an infinite passion which she loves sharing through life's most universal and impassioned form of expression ---MUSIC! But Queen Ofir's impact goes beyond the music, and includes achievements in acting, modeling, producing and as an accomplished animator and poet. 

Queen Ofir provides an explosive and much heralded performance at the X-Factor Competition in Los Angeles.



Queen Ofir twice achieves the greatest honor of all for an entertainer by being the featured performer at the White House in Washington DC on National Prayer Day.

Queen Ofir Lights up the 65th

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Twice featured in Beverly Hills Times Magazine as well as a number of other music, society and performing arts publications, Queen Ofir's creative energy and deep spirit come across in her songs and lyrics, and have been described as everything from delightfully infectious to inspirational by both fans and music critics alike.

     A double nominee for Album of the Year and Artist of the Year in the L.A. Music Awards, as well as an 8-time Grammy Award nominee, Queen Ofir appears regularly on both west coast and national radio
and TV programs, in addition to her live stage performances.

Queen Ofir's Music and Writing Talent

Queen Ofir Gets Nominated
for THREE Grammy Awards
For Your Consideration in 2018!


Annual Israel Celebration !

Queen Ofir brings the crowd to their feet at this Los Angeles event, attended by over 100,000 visitors.  Her great message of inspiration and love spans all religious boundaries.

Energentic. Meaningful. Relevant. Passionate.

--- Simon Cowell  on Queen Ofir