QUEEN OFIR is a high voltage performer and eight-time, award-winning international singer, songwriter and producer offering cutting edge world dance music that inspires the hearts of people of all ages.  Queen Ofir presents a dramatic and emotionally charged musical style that covers the whole spectrum of musical genres, including techno, world pop, classical, R&B and Hip Hop.  It is an infinite passion which she loves sharing through life's most universal and impassioned form of expression ---MUSIC! But Queen Ofir's impact goes beyond the music, and includes achievements in acting, modeling, producing and as an accomplished animator and poet. 


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QUEEN OFIR is an 8-time, Grammy-nominated, award-winning, high-voltage stage performer,
multilingual singer/songwriter, 
actress and business network and social media marketing expert

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QUEEN OFIR has appeared on these
well-known shows and at these venues:

Hilton Doubletree, Omaha, Nebraska
Sokeship World Head of Family and
    Sokeship Council
The White House, Washington, D.C.
The X-Factor
The Luxe Hotel
The Way TV Network
Tin TV
333 Boilestone Club (Houston, Texas)
Los Angeles Music Awards
Aqua Lounge
Rainbow Club (Studio City, California)
Friends Network Anti-Bullying Movement
All Souls Church
65th Anniversary Israeli Independence Day
Love and Peace / "Conscience of Era"
Club Rain (Studio City, California)
Hilton Universal
Olympia Family Film Awards
Glass House San Jose
    Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation

*Partial List