Queen Ofir pitches in


 1986 - 2005

a tribute to Natalee Holloway

Queen Ofir releases Natalee --

with Music Producer  Gemini Mizrahi

with officers at  CHP Charity Event

Sonya Dakar event with  Pam Hasselhoff

with L.A. Dodger's V.P.  Tommy Lasorda

with Alan Lindo and Jaime Gomez, Black Eyed Peas

[Ofir} is quite a star!

--- Film Director Bill Duke


20th Century / UNI / Polygram Records


with Jay Leno 

I love her!

--- Russ Regan, Former CEO


withMichael McCary,Boyz to Men

Ofir's music is smoother than butter.

--- Will I Am, Black Eyed Peas


with Vanessa Williams

with Actress Sigourney Weaver

HOLLYWOOD, CA (June 2015) ---  Queen Ofir continued on with her dedication to progressive humanitarian work by gracing the red carpet and enlivening the crowd with a great stage performance at the 2015 ANEOC "Era of Conscience" event in Los Angeles.  The ANEOC is committed to fostering human rights, world peace and global welfare through social and cultural unity.

at ANEOC Era of Conscience 

Humanitarian Fundraiser.

with release of Fire Escape.

Queen Ofir honors 9-11 victims

with Director  Lloyd Kaufman

with "Scorpions" Band Member
Ralph Reckerman

Ofir Engel is active in performing  at a multitude of events and shows benefitting local, national and global charitable causes and service foundations and organizations.


QUEEN OFIR is a high voltage performer and eight-time, award-winning international singer, songwriter and producer offering cutting edge world dance music that inspires the hearts of people of all ages.  Queen Ofir presents a dramatic and emotionally charged musical style that covers the whole spectrum of musical genres, including techno, world pop, classical, R&B and Hip Hop.  It is an infinite passion which she loves sharing through life's most universal and impassioned form of expression ---MUSIC! But Queen Ofir's impact goes beyond the music, and includes achievements in acting, modeling, producing and as an accomplished animator and poet. 


with Pop Song Artist  Rockwell

with ComedienneKathy Griffin

with Choreographer Shane Sparks